How to Backup Android Using ADB and Open Its Content

There are many apps that allow you to backup the content of your Android Smartphone. But there’s not substitute for adb backup command. It allows for backup and encryption of content. Here we are going to discuss how we can make a backup of your android device using adb and how we can open the content of backup in our computer. First, this tutorial assumes you have adb (android debug bridge) installed in your computer. Second, that your phone is in “Developer Option” and “Usb Debugging” is turned on. Next proceed to connect your phone to the computer and start adb.

1- Open your terminal and type “adb devices”
This will list all the android devices connected to your system.
2- backup phone content by typing

 adb backup -all -noshare -f phone_backup.ab

-all to backup all content
-nosahre to exclude sd card content from backup
-f the name of backup file
3- now go to your phone and tap on “back up my data” and do not enter a password. Otherwise, you will encrypt the data and will be difficult to open the backup.
4- Next we will use this custom java file to convert the .ab backup file into tar file. Once you download the file type

java -jar droidUnpack.jar phone_backup.ab

This will output a phone_backup.tar file. From this point on you can uncompress the file and see its content.
Note: Or you can watch the following tutorial

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